Animated Fernando Comic Panels

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Re: Animated Fernando Comic Panels

Post by Lostboy »

Fanimando ever think of trying cheerleaders horror franchise?
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Re: Animated Fernando Comic Panels

Post by Lotr »

this is freakin awesome! good job!
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Re: Animated Fernando Comic Panels

Post by chicadet »

Dear Fanimando,
Your work "lady christine" is absolutely great!!
First the female caracter is awsome: the kind of gorgeous girls who hardly look at us "normal" people, and think only movie stars or F1 drivers are worth them ! Nice face, nice figure and right curves at the right places just as we know Fernando draws them so well ( and for what we like his work), and what I do appreciate, a well shaved pussy. These graphic elements make the action then so hot!
And what action! A good ass pouding, in which all details count: The screams of the girl sound hot, the tears, the moan when he feeds her with his cum, and a good motivating slap to make her swallow the cum...
So, 23 seconds of sheer happyness!
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